Our Families Inspire Us

Children and families are at the heart of the Little by Little Program. During a family’s visit to the WIC center to receive their regular nutrition education and support, the family is also enrolled in the Little by Little Program to begin their early literacy journey.

How Families Benefit From Our Program

The Little by Little Program bridges an important gap, providing high-quality children’s books and guidance to parents to support them in reading to their child. Program staff emphasize to parents the importance of reading to their child daily. We are proud to help prepare our youngest children for success at school and in life.


Educational Books

New, age-appropriate, high-quality children’s books that children can choose and keep (available in English and Spanish)


Developmental Handouts

Informational handouts, categorized by age, about reading, key child development milestones, household safety, and family engagement


Links to Resources

Connections to additional community resources, such as child care, preschool, developmental screenings, SNAP, and Medicaid benefits

Our families tell us how much they value the books and information they receive from the Little by Little Program. Children love that they get to choose their own books during their visits, and parents appreciate how WIC staff highlight important literacy and developmental information during their interactions. We are proud of our ability to build long and successful relationships with WIC families, often over several years of WIC enrollment and with each new pregnancy.

In Los Angeles County, the Little by Little Program costs only $52 per child per year.

Your gift of any amount helps children engage in strong literacy practices and prepare for lifelong success.

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