Since 2012, the Little by Little Program has distributed more than 1,100,000 books to kids and their parents. The program provides dozens of rotating titles so that our families receive a variety of books, thus building their own little libraries at home. Here are our top 10 most popular high-quality books by age group.

Here is just a selection of some of our favorite high-quality books for kids.

Prenatal Category
  1. Read To Your Bunny (also available in Spanish)
  2. Rock-A-Bye Baby Reader

Newborn Category (0-42 days old)
  1. Black & White Ocean
  2. Pets / Las mascotas

Infant/Toddler Category (1 month-23 months)
  1. The Life of – La Vida de Selena
  2. But Not the Armadillo
  3. ¡Bebé, vamos a comer!/Baby, Let’s Eat!

Children’s Category (2-5 years old)
  1. Chancho La Estrella
  2. Curious George and the Puppies
  3. Pout Pout Fish Far, Far From Home