Pervasive adult low literacy lowers quality of life, reduces workforce potential and affects our standing as a nation. Using proven methods, and leveraging the effective WIC infrastructure to its fullest, the Little by Little School Readiness Program is working hard to change this by providing parents with education, support, books and other materials they need to cultivate early literacy skills, improve children’s language development and prepare children to make a greater contribution to our communities.

Little by Little provides books, safety items, educational materials to children and their families but most of all, Little by Little helps transform children's lives. All this, at a cost of only $52 annually per child.

Just think of the difference a small investment can have on the long-term future of the thousands of children benefiting from the Little by Little Program.


“My mother and I benefited from WIC and I am grateful that this service was available. I am thrilled that WIC has now incorporated Little by Little to some of its sites. Without a doubt, Little by Little is uniquely positioned to reach a broad, underserved population and effect real change by fostering home literacy. I invite you to help us raise the next generation of productive citizens and community leaders.” 

 Delvecchio Finley, MPP, FACHE
 CEO, Alameda Health System
 Board of Directors, PHFE

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