Another secret behind the success of the Little by Little program is the passion and dedication of our staff. With the passion and support of WIC staff, LBL succeeds in changing the WIC culture so that WIC centers that participated in LBL were seen as “learning places” by both staff and WIC families. LBL also changed home environments such that more books were present and reading occurred more regularly.

"I helped a single Dad today who just started reading aloud to his almost-3-year-old son a few weeks ago and has been trying to read almost every night at bedtime. He shared for the first time last night, the child asked for him to read. Dad was so touched that his son is looking forward to their reading times now." 
- LBL Staff Member

"My experience with Little by Little has been wonderful. Parents and children come into the WIC site eager for information, not only about healthy eating, but also on reading and how to better prepare their children for school! One mom told me that her child constantly wants to read the book we gave him a few months ago. Every night, he asks his mom to read him the book. He loves listening to stories and looking along with her in the book. I am glad that this program is instilling the love of reading in these children at such a young age!" 
- LBL Staff Member 

"The LBL program has been far the best program to be brought in to WIC. I love how this program is preparing our future generations.  I was able to witness a child who wanted her mother to read to her as they waited for their checks. As her mother read to her i can see that the child was so engaged to book. This made me realize the impact that this program is contributing to our community by bringing families together as well as encouraging children to learn."
- LBL Staff Member


Heidy O., Long Beach WIC St. Mary's Staff Member

"What I value most about the LBL services we provide at the City of Long Beach WIC Program is the parents learn the importance of incorporating reading into their everyday lives. Parents LOVE the LBL program in addition to receiving the WIC benefits. Every time parents come with their children for their WIC appointment, the little ones look forward to getting a new book. I am confident that the information we share with the parents about early literacy will translate to optimal learning and bright futures for their children."